Compete, Learn, Innovate
Keep Austin Hacking 2021

Austin ISD Performing Arts Center
September 4th 2021
Hosted In-person

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About Keep Austin Hacking

On September 4th, in Austin, we are hosting Central Texas's largest hackathon student led: Keep Austin Hacking, where 300 of Central Texas's brightest student hackers across 6 grade levels will compete, learn, and innovate.

Over the course of 24 hours, small teams composed of student attendees will develop their own apps, websites, and games. In addition, students can compete in a competitive programming contest, interact with mentors, listen to keynote speakers, and participate in workshops. After time is up a panel of judges will choose the best projects for prizes and demos. Although many attendees will be new to coding, they will transform from passive consumers of technology to avid creators through this collaborative learning experience.

We are committed to ensuring that students of all demographic backgrounds can attend. We encourage the participation of all genders, underrepresented minorities, and LGBTQ+ students.

Participants, please bring a laptop, charger, pillow and blanket, and a fun positive attitude!


CPC stands for Competitive Programing Contest. Our CPC problems and in-line IDE and autograder will be available only during competition day. Our problems will be similar to USACO and other competitive programming problems.



Shoumik Roychowdhury

Lead Organizer, Founder, Full-Stack

Maxim Gao

Lead Organizer

Hrushi Saranu

Lead Organizer

Steven Chen


Eric Xu

CPC Problem Developer, Backend

Andrew Li

CPC Problem Developer

Andy Jiang

CPC Problem Developer

Vishal Narra


Nikhil Reddy


Imran Aziz


Evan Lai


Akhil Bhale


Brandon Shin


Arohan Shrestha

Graphic Design

Rishi Rajiv

Graphic Design


Each member of the winning team will recieve a prize.



Prize: {{p.prize}}

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